What I Do

Individual Therapy


Choosing to begin therapy is a huge step towards self improvement. I can help by providing a safe space for you to process your thoughts and work through life's challenges.

Together, we can work towards discovering what barriers are preventing you from finding peace and health.

Can help with:

- Anxiety DIsorders

- Depressive Disorders

- Personality Disorders

- Eating DIsorders

- Self Image

- Self Discovery

- Relationship Issues

- Self Harm

- Sex and Love Addiction

- Emotional Regulation

Couples Therapy


Couples often find themselves repeating the same patterns, even when they both want the relationship to improve.

By providing a non-judgmental atmosphere and a new perspective, I can help you and your partner towards finding understanding, improving communication, and breaking the cycle. 

Can help with:

- Conflict in Relationships

- Communication Issues

- Unhealthy Patterns

- Repairing Relationships

- Infidelity

- Domestic Abuse

Trauma Therapy


Trauma can range from major experiences to negative memories that stay with our minds and bodies long after the events have past. 

Utilizing techniques that work best for each individual, such as EMDR and Internal Family Systems, we can work towards reprocessing these memories to reduce their symptoms in the present.

Can help with:

- Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders


- Unresolved Trauma

- Phobias

- Depressive Symptoms

- Negative Self Image

- Fears About the Future

- Urges to Relapse

- Physical Pain Associated with Mental Health

Addiction and Drug Abuse


Addiction and drug abuse can be hard to understand, as people often find themselves acting outside of their values, resulting in a cycle of shame.

I can offer help by working with you towards understanding yourself better, identifying your personal strengths, and creating a more harmonious life.

Can help with:

- Substance/Alcohol Abuse

- Sex and Love Addiction

- Codependency Addiction

- Urges to Relapse

Adolescent Therapy


Teen years provide a variety of challenges, ranging from academic and social struggles to learning new roles and responsibilities.  These struggles can often leave both the teen and the parent feeling helpless.

Using techniques that have shown to be effective for adolescents, such as expressive therapy, art therapy, and talk therapy, I can work with your teen towards building a strong identity, making better choices, processing unresolved issues, and learning and utilizing coping skills.

Can help with:

- Anxiety

- Depressive Symptoms

- Relationship Issues

- Self Harm

- Eating Disorders

- Self  Esteem

Family Therapy


When families have continued conflict or struggle, it can leave the members of the family feeling powerless on how to improve. 

Family therapy can help provide a safe space to explore the family dynamics, improve the different roles of the members, and ultimately reduce conflict and tension.

Can help with:

- Family Conflict

- Communication Issues

- Repairing Relationships

- Moving Past Trauma

- Major Life Changes

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